Asia Bizz: Gap Has Changed Its New Logo After  Protests On Facebook And Twitter

Retailer giant ‘Gap’ has changed its logo, after there were strong protests over the design of the new logo. The new logo was launched recently and consumers from all over the world have showered negative feedback on Twitter and Facebook. It was a big move to see that Gap had to change its new logo after the publics retaliative comments.

The old Gap logo had a square navy blue background with GAP written in the middle, but the latest Gap logo had a simple ‘Gap’ written on it, with a small blue square on the corner of the P. It is still not very clear why there has been such negative feedback by the people but, Gap has decided to scrap their new logo.

There were around 2000 comments on Facebook, which criticized the latest logo by Gap, and some 5000 followers on Twitter have commented in the same way against the Gap logo. Gap is considered to be one of America’s largest clothes retailer which has been in the market since decades, and with its typical Gap logo, there was an image that Gap had created by this very logo, and it might be because of this that people around the world have criticized the new logo.


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