Asia Bizz: Verizon iPhone To Hit The Markets In Summer 2011

Verizon will not be getting its hands on the iPhone until the summer of 2011, which is still a long way to go. One of the main reasons that the iPhone wont be in the lap of Verizon, is that the company has stated that it will be coming with its 4G technology and it will be operating this technology in 38 major cities in the US, which means 110 million could enjoy this service, so installing the 4G network in these cities will surely take some time.

But on the other hand low-powered chip sets wont be available till mid 2011. This is not impressing any one at all, and specially talking about Steve jobs, for this pulling the launch of the Verizon iPhone behind its planned schedule.

Then we also have the AT&T’s exclusive five year contract which will be expiring in July 2011, so now we get a clear image that there are some problems that hindering the launch of the iPhone with the Verizon carrier. People have been awaiting this launch since a long time now, and Verizon is just pushing the launch date of the iPhone ahead to into mid 2011.


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