Asia Bizz: Sony Google TV Unveiled, An Exciting New Look Into Technology

Sony has now unveiled its Google and internet enabled TV, which has brought in a whole new look into technology. It is a HDTV and can access internet too similar to the Google TV, plus it has 1080p edge-lit LED screens. Absolutely if we see, that this sort of technology will redefine watching TV and internet browsing together.

The new TV features 4 USB ports and 4 HDMI ports, in addition to this it has Wi-Fi capabilities and comes in size from 24 to 46. The price of these TV cost between $599 to $1399, and the most exciting part of the gadget is that it brings social networking websites on its very screen.

It will bring in websites like Hulu, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube and Pandora right in the living room. And it also provides full access to Android applications which is available on the web. Surfing on the web is powered by Google Chrome and it is connected by the same cable which is existing in your TV set, or a the satellite TV box.


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