Asia Bizz: Microsoft Deepens Its Ties With Facebook, In An Attempt To Boost Search Engine Capability

Microsoft Corp. has started to deepen its ties with social networking giant, Facebook, in an attempt to boost its search engine capability. On Wednesday, Microsoft brought forward its Bing search engine, and it will be using the ‘like’ feature which are mentioned in Facebook, to bring in more relevant searches in the search process. It will be history as, the world’s largest software company and the largest social network site come together.

Ray Valdes, an analyst at industry research firm Gartner, stated that Google was the whole and sole of the old Web, and Facebook is new face of latest web, and its presence is growing consistently. Google had literally dominated the whole web for many years, but know this dictatorship of Google has been shared with websites like Facebook.

Microsoft has said that after acquiring the assistance of Facebook to enhance the Bing Search engine, it will take some time to see some positive changes in the search engine market share. On the other hand, Facebook officials have stated that other search engines too should use the assistance of Facebook to enhance their search engine capacity.


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