Asia Bizz: Verizon Apple iPad Available In Stores From The 28th October

Good news for Verizon users, as it has been announced that the Verizon Apple iPad will be available in stores from the 28th of October. The iPad will be available at the Verizon wireless stores across the country, and the models will be priced at- $630 for a 16GB model, $730 for 32GB, and $830 for 64GB.

The iPad has been eagerly awaited by the Verizon customers, as this device is one of the most convenient gadgets available in the market today. It has been said that a monthly plan for 1GB data usage on the Verizon carrier will cost $20, which is by far considered to be a fair price by the company.

AT&T too will be coming up with its gadget soon, and it is rumored that it will following Verizon’s release date. There is a sense of tough competition in the market when it comes to tablet PC’s, as each wireless carrier is looking ahead to bring their own tablet in the wireless market as soon as they can.


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