Asia Bizz: Hyundai Santa Fe New SUV Hits Indian Roads, First Review

Hyundai motors has unveiled its latest SUV, the Santa Fe in India, and it is said that this vehicle will be giving a tough fight to other SUV’s in its category available in the country. Hyundai, the South Korean automaker in India, is looking ahead to give a big push to its sales, as it is already the second largest car maker in India.

The Santa Fe looks very decent and is said to be designed in Germany, so this will be playing an important role in the vehicle’s sale in the country. Santa Fe will be receiving some strong competition from the Indian SUV market, as there are huge players available, especially talking about Toyota and Mitsubishi who have firmly rooted their sales in India.

Reports state the SUV is priced between 20.95 lakhs – 22.95 lakhs, which seems to be a bit unfair from the Indian point of view, as many of the vehicles in its category are priced lower than this price tag. The SUV comes with a 2.2 ltr CRDi engine by Hyundai, which pumps out 197 bhp. There are two versions available in the market, a two wheel drive and a four wheel drive option. The vehicle clocks a topspeed of 190 kmph and is said to give a decent mileage of 14.66 kmpl.


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