Asia Bizz: The Latest Skype 5.0 To Have Video Conferencing And Facebook Integration

It has been reported that the latest VOIP application software, Skype 5.0, will be housing video conferencing and Facebook integration. In addition to this, the new Skype has a better outlook which can be termed to be more streamlined. At the homepage one can witness the feed of mood messages and also the new tutorials to help oneself to get familiar with the new features.

The company has also worked on simplifying calling, messaging, screen sharing, and file transferring on the Skype and has made it more interactive and easy. In addition to the new features, Skype has added the video calling feature, as more than 40% of the Skype-To-Skype calls are based on video calling.

And lastly, not missing this one, it has integrated itself with Facebook and one can access it from the tab on the top, through which one can get their friends on Skype and also use the call feature to contact them. Indeed the new Skype is really well placed and seemingly very good.


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