Asia Bizz: Ford Motor Co. To Sell Few Percent Of Its Mazda Stakes

Ford Motor Co. of the US, has decided to sell out a few percent of its Mazda stakes from the company. Sources state that the company will be selling out about 11% of Mazda’s stakes from the company, in an attempt to keep a distance from the Japanese car manufacturing giant.

Sumitomo Corp. of Japan and other business houses from the dragon country who are partners with Mazda, are eying to buy these stakes which are kept forward by Ford to be sold out. Reports state that the final discussions of the sell out will take place at the end of this year.

We really don’t understand why Ford and other American companies are having plans to maintain distance from the Japanese companies, and not to mention some Chinese companies too. As per the US authorities, Asian firms are playing major roles in the US industrial sector, which has made most of the American companies feel uncomfortable about this. We hope that a Japanese company buys these stakes and keep them in Japan itself, and in addition to this there is absolutely no sense in keeping distances or avoiding trade with Asian countries.


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