Asia Bizz: Sony PS3 And Nintendo Wii Will Not Need Netflix Disc To Access Content

Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Wii will not be needing the Netflix disc to access Netflix content on their gadget anymore. Even prior to this, as Nintendo Wii had the capability to download and install applications, but license restriction by Netflix hampered it from being downloaded. So whenever the Wii users wanted to use the Netflix content, they would need to insert the disc and then access it.

Netflix has allowed the application to be downloaded free from the web, so now the application will be available on the Wii menu just as the another WiiWare. The user will be paying a minimum of $8.89 a month to access Netflix from their gadgets.

Sony on the other hand has made the PS3 Netflix installer available from Monday. The Neflix service has been improved for the PS3, as the user wont just be streaming videos but will also watch it in better quality. Netflix is offering PS3 streaming with 1080p and a 5.1 surround sound, which will make videos feel as real as they can.


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