Asia Bizz: A New Apple MacBook Air To Be Unveiled On The 20th October Event

There are clues and rumors stating that Apple could be coming up with the latest MacBook Air at an event on the 20th October. The MacBook Air is often considered as a masterpiece because of it’s design and sleekness, but condemned for not having the appropriate hardware. Some of the sources have confirmed that the MacBook would be unveiled at the event in October.

It is said the new MacBook Air would be having a 11.6 inch screen and will feature a SSD memory rather than the conventional hard drive. The SSD technology is similar to the flash memory technology, which will take personal computing to the next level.

Some other sources are stating that the new MacBook Air would be a touch screen PC, but there are some second thoughts about this one. The possibility here could be, that Apple would be bringing a technology that is something between the latest touch applications and the conventional keyboard and mouse. In fact these are pure assumptions, we would wait and see what Apple would be coming up with on the 20th October event in California.


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