Asia Bizz: Rediffmail launches new mobile phone application called Rediffmail NG based out of India recently launched a brand new mobile phone operation called the Rediffmail NG which will allow rediffmail users to access e-mails on their mobile phones. Rediff also has made a string print campaign for this which will be starting soon targeting their consumers in India.

Right from the beginning Rediff has laid out great traditional modes of advertising for their products online and this time is no different. They will go out with a campaign to promote their new product called the Rediffmail NG.

Ajit Balakrishnan the chairperson and chief executive officer said that Rediff will live up to their reputation of traditional advertising with ads in local newspapers as well as television commercials. These ads will be live on air around next week. Big cities in India like Delhi and Mumbai will see full page ads on their newspapers.

Rediff is believed to spend around 7 crore Indian rupees this time to brand their new product Rediffmail NG. All mobile platforms will allow this application to run and it will cost the user Rs.50 (approx $1) to access unlimited emails.