Asia Bizz: HP Slate 500 Tablet To Be Unveiled Soon – May Come With Windows 7 OS

The latest HP Slate 500 tablet will be debuting the international market very soon, and it may feature the Windows 7 operating system. The slate is also termed to be the iPad killer as it will be coming with Windows 7 OS, which Microsoft states is better than the iOS. But there is no certain proof that HP would be debuting it’s tablet with Windows 7 OS, since there is still widespread speculation surrounding it.

Earlier this year, Steve Ballmer had taken the stage to show the world a view of the Slate, but it was during that time that HP had acquired Palm, and then the chance of the Palm WebOS to be opted for the slate looked quite bright.

The latest news that has come up, states that the HP Slate will feature both touch senses – finger and stylus. It comes with an 8.9 inch touch screen which is very large indeed. HP has aimed the Slate 500 towards more corporate business customers, especially with Windows 7 in the offering, which leaves the normal consumer waiting for a better WebOS to come in later.


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