Asia Bizz: Germany Will Go Live On Google Street View

Germany is all set to go live with the latest Google Street View service on the web, as this will be a major step by Germany into cyber technology. On the other hand Google Street View authorities have received some 244,237 letters from various people who stated to opt-out from being included in this service.

Andreas Türk, the product manager for Google Street view in Germany has stated that, the company will be coming up with loads of surprises for the Germans, but for the moment there is no release date announced of this service. On Thursday the company said that they have received more 2,40,000 opt-out letters from the people which state that their property should not be visible on the Google Street View service.

The 244,237 people are just 2.89% of the house holds which will be featured on the street view service in Germany. The service will be going live from Germany showing street level imagery of 20 major cities in the country.

In order to block some sensitive regions in the street view service and also keeping in mind the opt-out households, Google has decided that it will be hiring a staff of 200 people who would be blurring out these section from the service.

There has been some more negative responses by the people against the live Street View service by Google, and one of the local newspapers has even quoted saying,

“Google knows more about you and me than the KGB, Stasi or Gestapo ever dreamed of”


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