Asia Bizz: Motorola Quench XT3 Smartphone Available Online In India, Official Launch To Be Announced Soon

The Motorola Quench XT3 smartphone is available in India online, it is also reported that they may have an official launch of this phone very soon. The phone is available for sale on This is the fourth android phone by Motorola to hit the Indian markets, which shows Motorola has a strong eye over the Indian smartphone sector.

This phone is said to be very economically priced in India, it costs only Rs. 12,500 and indeed this is a very fairly priced phone for the Indian market point of view. The phone comes with 3.2 inch touch screen which is big enough for this phone and it also has a 3 mega pixel camera with a LED flash.

Exciting feature about this phone is it has a Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 MHz Processor inside it and a 256 MB RAM to run the phone smoothly. But the only drawback in this phone is, it runs on an Android 1.6, which is a pretty old operating system compared to the latest Android 2.2 FroYo available in the market.


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