Asia Bizz: Italy Demands Google To Mark All It’s Google Street View Vehicles

Italy’s privacy regulator has recently demanded Google to mark all its Google Street View vehicles, and that their purpose should be clearly publicized. Google Street View uses vehicles that move around a city to capture live imagery and broadcast it over the web. The order sent by the privacy regulator was published in the local newspaper.

The Privacy authorities have asked Google to intimate everyone before they begin their street viewing process, which includes the radio, the people in the city and the concerned authorities. There has been a strong back set among the people in Europe in context with the street view feature of Google. There are people who have even protested against it, demanding the termination of this feature.

Google was previously prohibited to carry on their Google street view feature because of the privacy issues. But it is said that Google is in constant talks with the Privacy Regulator, in context of the privacy issues in the country.


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