Asia Bizz: Android Gingerbread Man Statue Has Officially Arrived At Google’s Mountain View Campus

The Android Gingerbread Man Statue has officially arrived at Google’s Mountain View campus. This is really a surprise to all the Android users and fans around the world, who have been in connection with the Android system since a long time. The Android Gingerbread statue will be joining the legacy which has been carried along with Google since it has kept upgrading its OS.

The Gingerbread statue will be joining and representing the statues that have been the past versions of Android, which include the Froyo, Eclair, and the Donut. It has always been seen, as Android unveils a statue, in a few days it discloses the upcoming upgrades in the Android OS.

According to some rumors in the media, it is said that Android will disclosing the upcoming version sometime later this week. It is really an exciting tradition followed by Google, and it has been seen, that they bring in the statue, Android users become very curious about the upcoming new version.

Well the FroYo came into the market earlier this year and exploded everywhere, it was an instant hit and is considered to be the best OS for any smartphone in the world. Now wait and see what the Gingerbread will do.


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