Asia Bizz: HP launches Windows 7 based HP Slate 500 – Price $799 at HP Web Store soon

HP has finally said that they will be releasing the Windows 7 based HP Slate 500. The last time the computer tablet was talked about was at the CES 2010 in Las Vega Nevada, a lot of people were expecting the launch of the HP Slate 500 soon.

Rumors were going around saying that Microsoft might have scrapped and killed the device, but we all know that, it was just a rumor. HP recently said that their main focus was the WebOS operating system which HP owns now as they bought Palm. The HP slate 500 will be a test of how successful the Windows 7 operating system would perform for a tablet.

The HP Slate will be sold for around $799 and the tablet will come along with a stylus called the HP Slate Digital Pen. Other than the stylus a HP Slate Portfolio and a HP Slate Dock will come along with the device.

The HP Web Store will have the HP Slate 500 for sale soon.


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