Asia Bizz: Microsoft May Launch Windows 8 By 2012

There is some relevant news that has been disclosed on Microsoft’s dutch website, stating the company would be coming with its next operating system, the Windows 8, by some time in 2012. The Windows 7 which was launched last year, is Microsoft’s most successful operating system, as they have sold almost 240 million licensed copies of the OS in a span of only one year.

But Microsoft on the other hand has said that coming up with the next operating system would be the riskiest bet that they have ever played. The new Windows 8 would feature applications like USB 3.0, touch, facial recognition, Kinect-like gestures, fast boot-up times, and a Windows App Store. So to bring in a team of engineers and make them work on something so large would really be a risky bet for MS.

One of the chief employees at Microsoft stated that the next version would be something out of the imagination, of what the people have expected. But to be exactly true, it seems MS would be working on its next project very soon, and it has been seen in the past that Microsoft has the tendency to listen to its customers.


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