Asia Bizz: Honda Recall – Half A Million Cars Recalled Due To Brake Problem

Honda Recall Oct 2010 – Honda Motor Company, Ltd. announced that they have recalled their Odysseys and Acura RLs models, sold from 2005 to 2007, due to brake problems. The U.S. division of Honda Motor Corporation stated that they will be recalling 471,820 Acura RLs and Odysseys, as there are many concerns with the braking system in these models.

The main reason behind the recall is that the non-Honda branded brake fluid was causing the rubber seal to dry out in the brake master cylinder. This resulted in fluid leakage.

In a statement, Honda said, “A leak of brake fluid could lead to a change in brake fluid feel and, overtime, a degradation in braking performance, increasing the risk of a crash.”

Just a few days back, Toyota had announced a very similar recall and the problems also were similar as the ones mentioned by Honda. The Toyota recall applied to several models of their Lexus line.


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