Asia Bizz: Gemalto Files Lawsuit Against Google Android

Gemalto, a digital security firm, has filed a lawsuit against the Google Android platform, in context of patent infringement. The lawsuit has been filed by Gemalto, stating that Google has infringed patents of high-level languages running on resource-constrained devices, which means high level language used for mobile phones to run various applications. Google has been into legal tiff’s even before, and other tech companies have been filing lawsuits against Google, and especially when it comes to patents.

A representative of Gemalto stated that “Gemalto is recognized as a pioneer and ground-breaking contributor to the JavaCard [sic] , one of the devices for which the patented technologies were conceived.” In the world of technology, Java plays a very important role, as it allows various applications to run on smart cards, cellphones, and ATM’s.

Previously Oracle had filed a lawsuit against Google, which included a Java and IP issue. Oracle had said that Google new that it was infringing the Oracle’s Java related property, but still continued to work on it. The Android platform does need Java to run on it, and these lawsuits were filed on Google when the company was researching on it’s new Android platform.


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