Asia Bizz: The Legendary Sony Walkman All Set To Be Phased Out Of Production

The Sony Walkman is all set to be phased out of production after being in the market for almost 30 years. This portable mini cassette device was on sale on the 1st of July 1979, and now Sony has decided to halt it’s production from the month of October 2010. The device was a magnet for customers back in the 80’s and 90’s when the cassette was huge trend in the market.

But the Walkman was outdated with other music devices like the Mp3 Players, and the portable DVD Players, and not to mention the groovy gadget – iPod. The company said on Monday that it has officially stopped the production of the this classic gadget.

Today the Walkman is survived only by the Discman, it’s last successor, and may be after this we might never see the Walkman again, surprisingly it would be an antique gadget, just like the gramophone. It is said the Walkman would be in production in China and will be distributed in the US and other parts of Asia.


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