Asia Bizz: Apple Clings To Unisys As They Come Together To Reach Government Clients

American technology giant Apple, has partnered along with Unisys to reach out towards enterprises and government clients in the US. Unisys will be selling the Mac, the iPhones, and the iPad to the people in the corporations and government, which are outside the scope of Apple’s market. Unisys on the other will be providing maintenance support to all the products which would purchased by the government clients.

Today Unisys is a huge information technology player in the US and especially when it comes to providing services to the government. Just like IBM, it has now shifted into new shores, from just being a hardware vendor for the government, to providing the best tech support that is needed by various government organization.

Major clients under the name of Unisys include – US military; the FAA, TSA and numerous airports; the US General Services Administration, Department of Homeland Security and the IRS. With such organizations being catered by Unisys, this would a strong opportunity for Apple to reach out towards these clients and provide them with its service for the betterment of the country.


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