Asia Bizz: BMW AG Recalls 150,000 Vehicles From The US

BMW AG (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) the German car manufacturer has recalled some 150,000 vehicles from the US. After Toyota and Honda, who have recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the US, it is BMW now who is on the path of recalling vehicles due engine issues. BMW has called in the vehicles because there could be a possibility of the fuel pump failure in its cars.

The company would be recalling all the twin turbo six cylinder engine cars that have been manufactured between the period of 2007-2010. The vehicles are scheduled to have their high pressure fuel pumps replaced and also get the latest car software updates. According to the company, they feel that they would need to replace fuel pumps of at least 40000 vehicles, and the rest would just need a software update.

Included in the total cars recalled, BMW will also recalling 20,800 of it’s X5 range of SUV’s, which belong to the 2008 manufacturing batch. The X5 too is a six cylinder engine vehicle, and would be replacing it’s low pressure fuel pump. The company hopes that the recall wont be affecting it’s sales and the image in the market, something that has occurred with Toyota and Honda these years.


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