Asia Bizz:  Mozilla Gifts $3000 to Alex Miller for Discovering a flaw, Mozilla releases Firefox 3.6.11

A 12 year old boy named Alex Miller was gifted $3000 as he found a memory corruption flaw and a critical buffer overflow in the world famous Mozilla Firefox browser.

Photograph courtesy of Elissa Miller

Mozilla pays a lot of prizes to researchers who research on security flaws and who give their solutions too. Alex Miller found the security hole in the Mozilla Firefox browser and the prize was bumped up by Mozilla from $500 to $3000 this year.

12 year old Alex Miller spent 10 days to find out the critical flaw by staying up researching almost 90 minutes everyday. his 15 hour research got him to earn $3000 which is really not bad at all.

Mozilla now has released the Firefox 3.6.11 without the flaws.

Gary Kovacs is also the new CEO of Mozilla, he will be starting his role from the month of October. Mozilla is organizing a Labs Night Gaming special, on Oct 28, a lot of fun for gamers.


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