Asia Bizz: Nissan Recall two million vehicles worldwide

Japanese car giant Nissan recalled around two million vehicles because of a possible engine control system fault. The recall by Nissan is for its worldwide vehicles.

The Nissan models that are being recalled include the likes of March, Cube and Tida, in all 9 models by Nissan are involved in this recall. All these models are cars that were produced between the years 2003 and 2006 in the United States and Japan.

So far no accidents have been reported by anyone due to this problem which can bring the engine to a stall while its running.

The number of cars to be recalled by Nissan in Europe are 354,170, but most of the effected cars are in North America and Japan. In  Japan the number of  Nissan’s are 834,759 vehicles. Taiwan and Chine have 194,409 Nissan’s to be recalled.

Nissan has promised to exchange the part for free in a few models. Recently, 76,000 cars were recalled by Nissan in Japan alone due to some defect in the engine.

Toyota and Honda also had their cars recalled not too long back.


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