Asia Bizz: Google Nexus Two Smartphone Announcement May Come At The Samsung Event

The Google Nexus Two smartphone would be officially announced at the Samsung event which scheduled next month. The Nexus One could be termed as a disaster for Google, as the sales procedures of the phone were just horrible. If seen as a piece of machinery, it was indeed a nice gadget, as it ran on the Android OS, fast and comfortable to use and net surfing was fun too.

Google had sold the Nexus One through online portals only, which had limited Google’s market access, and later it was said the smartphone was itself a development handset. Experts felt that the Google Nexus One was the end of Google’s attempt to step into the smartphone market, but here we are with the Nexus Two.

Google has been really working hard behind to build a proper smartphone under the Google tag. For research and development Google turned towards Samsung, and in fact the new phone would be unveiled at the Samsung Event next month. Some reports state, the Nexus Two would be running on the Android Gingerbread OS.


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