Asia Bizz: Unemployment Claims In The US Have Dropped To A Three Month Low

The unemployment claims in the US have dropped to a three month low, reflecting that the market is finding some solid ground at last. Claims have fallen by the almost 21000, to 434,000, which shows that there is a strong boost in the employment sector. It became more impressive, as this is the second straight month where the claims have fallen consistently.

Analysts predicted that there would be a fall in jobless claims, and that the claims would be touching 452,000. Steve Goldman an analyst stated that “A couple of months ago we started seeing improvement in numerous gauges of employment, and we’re slowly getting that confirmation from data that’s been coming out,”

The US market has been seeing improvement in the past month, but there has been great a debate on the currency stabilization on a global scale. In the circus of revaluing the currency or not, the US dollar has dipped considerably compared to the Euro and other strong Asian currencies.


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