Asia Bizz: Apple Sony Rumor – Sony maybe be acquired by Apple

Apple Sony : Rumors are getting bigger these days and this is easily the biggest for 2010 which is the rumor of Apple buying off Sony. No one can confirm the real story if its a merge or a takeover by Apple, all we are left with is time for us to get to know the real truth.

Its just been a few days since Sony stopped production on their biggest product the Song Walkman. The move came with the advancement of MP3 player and the iPod.
The Apple-Sony merger if for real will be stronger than ever, as both these companies are huge.

No one from Apple or Sony have spoken anything in regard with this rumor.

The largest selling portable gaming products are by Apple, the iPhone and iPad have become a trend. This move could help Apple become a giant and this would help technology bloom even more.


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