Asia Bizz: Apple Inc. Makes It To The Top Five Cell Phone Manufacturer List

Apple Inc. has managed to pip Research In Motion and Sony Ericsson, to place itself in the top five Cell Phone manufacturers in the world for the first time. The company’s third quarter data shows that the it is the world’s fourth largest cell phone manufacturer. The company sold some 14.1 million handsets for the current year, thanks to the Apple iPhone release, as it has managed to ground some really strong roots in the market.

Top on the list was Nokia, as it sold some 114 million handsets this year followed by Samsung and LG. Analysts have seen that LG has lost some strong ground, because of the lack of its smartphone market. It’s been seen that LG has failed to deliver something strong in the smartphone segment.

Research In Motion on the other hand, has slipped to the fifth place, as they sold some 12.4 million handsets for the current year. What we need to see here is how long can Apple hold its fourth position, as the company has its only lone smartphone the iPhone in the market, which can leave customers out of options. On the other hand RIM, is producing and launching smartphones on a regular basis, and it looks like they wont be giving up to Apple.