Asia Bizz: Microsoft Corp. Outruns Apple Inc. In Quarterly Profit Earnings

Microsoft Corp. has witnessed a 51% jump in its quarterly profit earning, outrunning Apple Inc. who were very happy about their quarterly gains earlier this month. Microsoft acquired a strong rise in sales, thanks to its Windows 7 and the latest MS Office 2010, which has tramped Apple’s expectations to over take Microsoft in quarterly earnings.

This year Microsoft’s shares fell by 14%, and it rose by almost 3% in after hours trading sessions. But the only worry that has been pondering investors is, that despite Microsoft has doubled it’s market sales in the past eight years, still the company’s stock’s and assets remain the same.

It raises questions whether Microsoft could sustain it’s growth the way it has been maintaining its stock. On the other we have Google, which is direct rival today against Microsoft and Apple, with Microsoft’s lagging way behind Google in terms of technology, the company needs to re-think about it’s technology development. In the year 2010 we have seen the Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 and the Microsoft Office 2010, which are doing really well in the market, but Microsoft needs to stand up against it’s rivals when it comes to technology.


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