Asia Bizz: Nexus Two Phone Update: Google-Samsung Smartphone News Follows PSP Phone Rumors

The Nexus Two next-Gen android phone is allegedly set to be launched by Samsung and Google, according to reports by tech site Gizmodo. Although reports state that the launch date is rumored to be November 8, nothing has been confirmed by either Google or Samsung.

The Google Nexus One phone

Reports state that Samsung is working on an unlocked version of the Google Android phone, but in all probability, it may not be called the “Nexus Two”. The unofficial name of Nexus Two was given to the new device after Google’s Nexus One phone which was reveled earlier this year. The phone is expected to be the first phone of it’s kind to feature the new Android OS 2.3 called Gingerbread.

Gizmodo reports that the codenamed “Nexus Two” is likely to come with some cool features including a 4-inch AMOLED screen, a front-facing camera, and is visually similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S. However, both Samsung and Google are yet to comment on this new phone.

The internet is also buzzing with reports of a PlayStation (PSP) phone in the works, with Sony Ericsson being the company who will roll out this model. These reports are to be confirmed as well.


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