Asia Bizz: Sony PlayStation Phone Photos And Technical Information

The new Sony PlayStation Phone is codenamed ‘Zeus’, so we have some photos that state this is the very phone that all have been waiting for. It has been reported that the device could be running on the Android 2.2, so we do expect an upgrade to the Gingerbread 2.3 later by the end of the year. After some speculations, it is known that the phone has a very meek chance of being launched with the Android 2.2 platform, as the design team have been said to be working on something better.

Photo Credit: Engadget

This smartphone has an external micro SD memory storage slot up to 8GB, and an internal storage of 512MB, but rumors say it could have an inbuilt 1GB. Now speaking about the design of this phone, Engadget states it looks more like a BlackBerry Touch phone, not like any of the previous Sony Ericsson models.

The phone is considered to be a strong contender against other smartphones in the market, as the PlayStation Phone has features of a phone and a gaming console within it. Sony has not yet commented on this phone, but there are rumors stating that this phone would launched well before the end of this year.


  1. If this is real, I am very excited! I can’t help but notice though, in some pictures that show the slide out control pad, there are 2 small holes that are about a couple inches apart. Are those cameras for 3D images of the user?!!!