Asia Bizz: 38,000 Pfizer Lipitor Bottles Recalled After Odor Complaints

Some 38,000 Pfizer Lipitor bottles have been recalled after the company received complaints, that these bottles were emitting a foul odor. Lipitor is a cholesterol fighting drug which is solely manufactured by Pfizer. The recall has now affected the 40mg tablets of Lipitor (atorvastatin calcium) all over the US. Pfizer officials have throughly investigated this problem and have decided to recall these bottles.

Pfizer officials stated “We have thoroughly evaluated the root cause, which is episodic exposure of the bottles to low levels of TBA (tribromoanisole) as they are shipped or stored”. According to the company data, it is said that the odor problems were very limited, as only three per million bottles were actually affected.

Earlier this year, the company had faced a similar problem and had to recall some 190,000 bottles of Lipitor. TBA (tribromoanisole) is a chemical used as a wood preventive on the bottles, too much exposure or usage of these chemicals has caused the bottles to emit a strange odor. After the studies it was known that odor had very less effect on human beings and the risk on patients was very less.


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