Asia Bizz: Microsoft Corp. Is Turning To An End-Age Company: Columnists

According to some columnists, they state, that Microsoft Corp looks like and end-age company, as it feels that the company is lagging way behind in terms of technology and advancement. The experts even think that with the number of competitors in the market today, we might even see Microsoft disappearing from the world of technology by the end of this decade.

Let us speak about it’s products in the market and its performance, first we shall see the Internet Explorer. This web browser has lost its share in the web market from having something around a 90% during the beginning of this decade to below 60% today, and by ten years you can do the math.

On the other hand people today are mostly using the WordPress application to write on blogs and also publishing on the web. But Microsoft earlier pulled itself out from the world of blogging and publishing by plugging out the Windows Live Journal. So think about this, Microsoft is so lost, that it cannot bring in a proper publishing service on the internet and we are on the verge of entering Web2.0. With such flaws and outdatedness we can be seeing a dark patch over Microsoft’s future.


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