Asia Bizz: Record Breaking “Tianhe-1A(Milky Way)” Chinese Supercomputer Revealed at HPC China 2010

A new Supercomputer the Tianhe-1A(Milky Way) was revealed at HPC China 2010, the annual meeting of National High Performance Computing in the city of Beijing.

Tianhe-1A(Milky Way) is built by the National University of Defense Technology which is located in Tianjin at the National Supercomputing Center.

The meaning of the world Tianhe is Milky way thats the reason its called the Tianhe-1A. The processor power of the Tianhe-1A is more than 2.5 petaflops per second. The Tianhe-1A has graphics from Nvidia

The previous record holder of the fastest computer was the Cray XT5 Jaguar with a peak output of around 1.75 petaflops per second at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


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