Asia Bizz: Charlie Chaplin Film Time Traveler Traveler Was Using A Hearing Aid?

In the recent discovery of a supposed Time Traveler in a Charlie Chaplin’s behind the scene film, is said to be using a Siemens 1924 Hearing Aid and not a cellphone. Speculations into the film footage state that the lady who is supposedly talking on a cellphone is actually using a hearing aid, as she could be hard hearing. But many believers dont feel so.

The finder of this footage, George Clarke, states that as he has gone through the film almost a hundred times, he is still puzzled at his findings. According to Clarke, the lady in the footage is actually talking on a cellphone, for she has clinched her fingers and is holding something close to her ear.

Skeptics on the other hand wonder why didn’t Clarke consider about the small miniature ear trumpets used back then as hearing aids. There are many evidences available in the world today that can prove that the earing aid trumpet was available back in 1928. So for now the conclusion can be placed that this woman who seems to be a time traveler using a cellphone is actually butch woman hard of hearing and is using a hearing aid.


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