Asia Bizz: Microsoft Corp. Drops Silverlight Platform For HTML5

Microsoft Corporation was at the PDC (Professional Developers Conference), where it disclosed that it was temporarily dropping the Silverlight cross-platform for HTML5. The HTML5 is an open web development platform, and Microsoft would be concentrating on this for the moment and will be developing the Silverlight only for enhancing and developing the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

In short the company has said that Silverlight’s importance in Microsoft’s web development is officially terminated for the moment. On the other hand the company spoke about the development and importance of it’s other products, like, Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, Internet Explorer 9 etc., which it has recently introduced in the past year.

But according to the experts and analysts, all of Microsoft’s big talk and introduction of upgraded products is basically unable to match the competition available in the market today. According to some rumors, Microsoft fans can expect an upgrade in Silverlight by the next PDC conference in 2011. But for now they would be working with the HTML5 and not on the Silverlight cross web platform.


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