Asia Bizz: Google Samsung Nexus Two Rumors Gaining Strong Interest On The Web

The Google Samsung Nexus Two rumors are just gaining strong interest on the web, as people are very interested to know whether the rumor is true or not. Many websites around the world are speaking about the latest smartphone which is being built by Google jointly with Samsung. As the rumors have been spreading all over the web, making customers eager to buy this phone, Samsung stated that the rumors are simply not true at all.

The rumors have been so strong that websites even stated that the smartphone will be running on the latest Android 2.3 or Gingerbread operating system. Speculation have stated that the phone would have looked like the Samsung Galaxy S, but under the tag name for Google.

These rumors have even stated that the new Nexus Two will be released at the Samsung event on the 8th of November this year. But the officials at Samsung have clearly debunked these rumors and stated that this rumor is not true at all.


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