Asia Bizz: New Xbox Live update today worldwide

Today is the New Xbox Live update and it includes a lot of new features and the most important of them all is the Xbox 360 dashboard.

The update for the Xbox Live is available worldwide, and a lot of users had no problems updating and are happy with the update. For many others the update did not go through which resulted into the crash of the Xbox website. The system is showing the error msg and redirecting them to the Xbox support website and facing problems.

If the Xbox live support website still happens to crash, keep trying until it restores again.

The Xbox Live update adds ESPN channel with live events, it also expands the Zune Music service, it also replaces the audio codex with a better one for better voice chat and lastly it allows streamlines Netflix searching,


  1. Do I smell a fall 2010 Ban-Wave? I think thats what this whole update is mainly about, What better time than now, microsofts last ditch effort to increase its yearly income (figured as profit) by now, with Apples and Google on the rise, its needs its numbers to stay in the game. With the near release of the kinect and increased sales in xbox 360 after a fall ban wave, it all adds up, and I personally think microsoft enjoys the fact that peeps mod, cuz they know that they will ban hundreds of thousands of xbox’s this time of year, a critical 2 months for the accounting books in corporations across the globe. Well that’s just my thought, I am probably wrong like always, but If I was Microsoft I know I would be sitting back just waiting for that bills to role in. =) (Side not just in case someone from Microsoft does stumble upon this, I want you to on Apple Inc., be creative and come out with something that just makes Apple Inc., wish they never started making, over priced pieces of computers, as you can tell I hate Mac’s. Steve Jobs I hope you read this you two bit no good. lol. Sorry i nerd raged, all in all I strongly prefer Microsoft products over Mac, and strongly prefer Google Android over windows. Linux. Sorry Microsoft, you are not number 1.