Asia Bizz: Nissan Recalls More Than 1500 Vehicles In New Zealand

Nissan has recalled more than 1500 vehicles in New Zealand, which is a small part of the two million vehicles recalled around the world. Nissan has recalled some 2.14 million vehicles around the world on Monday, as they have discovered a faulty ignition problem, which causes the vehicle to stall. The number of recalls done by Nissan this time, is the third largest recall ever in automobile history.

The models which have been recalled in New Zealand are as follows – the Nissan Tiida, Micra and Navara models produced between 2004 and 2006. The New Zealand Nissan Managing Director John Manley said that anyone who owns one of these vehicles should bring their car to the nearest Nissan service station and their part would be replaced free of charge.

Following Nissan’s recall, three other major car manufacturers too recalled their cars in huge quantities, they are Toyota, Honda and BMW. What looks here is that almost all the top car manufacturers in the world are doing some major recalls this year, and that there are some sort of quality or manufacturing faults being discovered in these vehicles, so the question here is whether this will be affecting these automotive giant’s image in the car market?


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