Asia Bizz: Google Sues The US Government Over Software Issues

America largest web company, Google Inc. has sued the US government, as it had been excluded from a $58 million deal to revamp the emailing systems, in the Department of Interior. As per the lawsuit filed by Google in the US Federal Court, is says that the government has played unfair by ruling out its products and favoring Microsoft Corp.

According to Google’s officials, the company wants to offer the government, its Google Applications Software through a contract. But then they stated that the government has told them that only Microsoft’s Business Applications could be used, and in the terms of law, such a move by the government towards Google is ‘Arbitrary’.

The Department of Interior on the other hand has refused to comment on Google’s legal action against the government. In the lawsuit Google has also mentioned that, the Government had intimated them that there will be an open and full competition for this contract, but later the government prioritized the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite-Federal. Microsoft has built this application for special business purposes especially for the government.