Asia Bizz: Is BlackBerry Bold 9780 The New Apple iPhone 4 Killer

Research In Motion will shortly unveil the BlackBerry Bold 9780, and there are questions everywhere, whether it is the new Apple iPhone 4 killer? It has been seen that since a long time that the Research in Motion is trying to evolve a phone that can compete against Apple’s top of the line iPhone.

But one of the main reasons, BlackBerry has always been pulled back out of the race, is because of it’s operating system. RIM had not developed an operating system that could stand against the iOS or the Google Android. The Bold 9780 is all set to launched on the 17th November this year.

A positive sign in the BlackBerry Bold 9780, is that it has quicker interface when it comes to social networking and emailing. It has 512 MB inbuilt memory, and a micro SD slot that can be expanded to 32 GB, and in addition to this it is running on the latest BlackBerry OS. Technically if we compare these products we could say it upon the users point of view how he fell about these gadgets, or whether it can actually be termed as an iPhone 4 killer.


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