Asia Bizz: Sony Has No Comments Over Apple Sony Takeover

Sony officials have no comments over the rumored Apple Sony takeover, as it was reported that Apple was interested to purchase Sony. According to Apple, their key strategy for development is acquisitions and mergers with other companies. on the other hand has different opinions, as they believe that Sony is more corporative along with Google and merging with Apple will be irrelevant.

Steve Jobs, had stated that he wanted to known how he could operate $51 billion as capital assets. He said to the press “I think we should continue to keep abundant funds, because we believe that in the future, there will have one or more strategic acquisitions opportunities”.

Sony on the other hand has no issues with the rumors of the Apple Sony merger, so the officials from Sony have said “We have no comment based on the rumor or speculation”. officials too have stated that it is really unlikely that Sony and Apple would be merging together now or even in the future.


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