Asia Bizz: Apple Officially Releases The iOS 4.2: Report

The latest reports from Apple, says that the company has launched the iOS 4.2 to the developers, according to a report published on Monday.  Steve Jobs had unveiled this operating system during the September Apple Event. The release has been known as the build 8C134, which also confirms that the new iOS 4.2 will be applicable for the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod Touch devices.

One of the most exciting features of the Apple iOS 4.2 is AirPlay, which allows users to stream the iOS device to an Apple TV, which is a new phase in Apple technology. So one can also watch wireless television on the Apple device with the AirPlay feature. This technology has made television viewing more subtle and convenient, as one does not need to go into the hall room the watch TV, but can pick up an iPad and stream onto the Apple TV almost anywhere.

Some other new features to be included on the iOS 4.2 is AirPrint, which allows the user to give print commands through the device. But the twist is, one does not need to download drivers or softwares to start printing, but through the iOS 4.2 this is possible without the drivers. It also includes multi tasking which makes the user do more than one work on the Apple device without any strain.


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