Asia Bizz: Nokia C7 Launched In India, Priced At Rs. 19500/-

The Nokia C7, has officially debuted in India and it is said this cellphone is priced at Rs. 19,500/-. The price of this cellphone may vary from region to region, but the average price of this phone will be around Rs. 19,500/-. The new C7 is the latest offering by Nokia in India, as it comes with loads of new features and technology, and in addition to this it seems to be fairly priced.

According to experts the C7 will have a better sales line compared the N8, because of it’s fair pricing. It comes with a 8 mega pixel camera, 3.5 inch AMOLED touch screen and a 256 MB RAM to make this cellphone run with ease.

Another strong feature of this phone is that it is running on the Symbian S^3 operating system, and the plastic quality too has been improved compared to the N8. Experts state that the C7 will be performing more better than the latest phones currently in the market under the tag name of Nokia. It is also stated that the price of this phone will also be coming down in the coming few weeks.


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