Asia Bizz: New Search Engine Blekko Steps In And Challenges Google And Bing

The new and latest search engine in the market, Blekko has just stepped into the war between tech giants, Google and Bing. After three years of intense development, designs and work, the company has officially come up with its latest product, the Blekko Search engine. The CEO of the company Rick Skrenta has stated about the Blekko ” Though it’s a search engine, we aren’t going out to evaluate it with what Google or Bing does”.

According to company officials, Blekko uses the slashtag technology, a system through which the engine will filter the results from spams links and other unwanted material, and provide the user with pure and genuine search results, which are safe too. In short the search engine will give what you are trying to find, precise and to the point.

At times when a user is trying to search something in context to a particular subject, the search engine provides him with rather useless and unsafe links that the user is not interested in. Blekko on the other hand, uses its unique technology and discards or rejects all spam links, and injects the engine with the term what one is trying to search for and searches it in seven of its recommended categories – health, colleges, autos, personal finance, lyrics, recipes and hotels, which makes the search system safer and faster.


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