Asia Bizz: Google Committed Over Data Protection Breach Issue In The UK

Google has once again committed a significant breach of data protection, after they started collecting emails and passwords and other personal data from unsuspected internet users in the UK. The commissioner will be inflicting a financial penalty on Google, and will be making the company ensure that data protection breaches wont happen again.

On the other hand Google has been strictly ordered to delete all the information collected by the people which are published on the web. Google Street view feature, needs a street view car to roam inside the city, but many cities and countries are feeling that this feature is breaching their privacy by publishing it on the web.

Google has faced the most Street view issues in Europe, where the internal security has raised question on behalf of this feature. In context of the data protection breach in the UK, Peter Fleischer, Google Global Privacy Counsel, has stated that “We are profoundly sorry for mistakenly collecting payload data in the UK from unencrypted wireless networks.”


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