Asia Bizz: Microsoft Kinect For Xbox 360 To Be Launched Today – Review and Price

Microsoft has presented the ‘Kinect’ for the Xbox 360, as it the next level of gaming, and the first step into motion control game console. The Kinect is also considered as a direct rival to the PlayStation Move and the Wii Remote. But there is something that separates the Kinect from the Wii and PlayStation, as it does not need a controller to play a game.

The Kinect hardware is in itself a piece of technological genius, and if one takes a look at it, it seems to be something from the future. The device has a RGB camera in the middle, and then with a pair of sensors it scans the whole surrounding for game play.

It has a small motor inside it, which allows the device to physically scan the room as the players move up and down. A couple of year back, all this seemed to be very futuristic and technology very hard to achieve, but Microsoft and other gaming consoles have brought motion control gaming right into the living room. And Microsoft here, has takes some few steps ahead into technological development by bringing in the Kinect.

The Kinect will be priced at $299 with the 4GB hard drive and $399 for the 250GB hard drive. The sensor can be bought for $150, which also includes the Kinect Adventures copy.


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