Asia Bizz: Airbus A380 Makes An Emergency Landing After Engine Failure

It is the first time in the Aviation history, when an Airbus A380 jumbo jet of the Qantas Airlines had to make an emergency landing after its left wing Rolls Royce engine failed. The airline had to make an emergency landing in Singapore after the pilot crew found out that it had an engine problem occurred in mid-air.

According to the investigations, it has been disclosed that one of the four giant A380 engines, reportedly shut down in during the flight as a result of which the Qantas airline plane had to make an emergency landing back to Singapore. The flight had commenced from Singapore and was destined to Sydney, Australia.

The jet was carrying some 440 people and had a crew of 26, none of them are injured or hurt in any manner. After the plane landed it was noticed that there was burn damage to the engine closest to the fuselage and a section of the whole engine was completely missing. According to the officials of the Qantas airlines, they have said “The A380 for us is a fantastic aircraft, but this issue — an engine failure — has been one that we haven’t seen before.”


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