Asia Bizz: Qantas Airlines A380 Emergency Landing, Airlines Were Intimated About The Engine Safety In August

After the Qantas Airlines Airbus A380 made an emergency landing in Singapore, following an engine failure, two airlines have now grounded their A380 fleet and are now questioning the manufacturers over the quality regulations. Some reports also state that the airlines was intimated about the engine safety back in the month of August.

The incident took place in mid-air when it was known that the second engine on the left wing had completely failed and there were debris coming out of it. It was a bit scary for the passengers, but it was reported that no passenger has been injured in any manner. The flight had commenced from London and had stopped over in Singapore and then had taken off for Sydney.

Authorities had warned the airlines back in August that the Roll Royce engines were receiving abnormal wear and tear, but it seemed to be too early to respond to it. People on the plane said, that they had heard a loud noise which was followed by flames coming from the left side of the plane. After the giant airliner landed, it was seen that the engine had lost a large portion from its outer casing.


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